‘Lovehatetragedy’ A ‘Really Good Second Record’

bassist Tobin Esperance sums up the band’s new album ‘lovehatetragedy’ pretty simply to Sythesis.net’s Elias Perez. “The new album’s all about love hate tragedy,” he said. “That’s the title of the album so that pretty much sums it up. I think it’s a really good rock record, really good second record, and it just rocks all the way through. Each song is different, has its own character, its own emotion. I think [it’s] just one of those records that’s good all the way through. It’s definitely a step forward for the band in the aspect that we’ve gotten a little more melodic with this one and even a little more heavy in some parts, a little more intricate with the rhythms and melodies, weird changes etc… just evolving.”

The full story at synthesis.net has since been removed.

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