Louis XIV Numb To The Critics

Though Rolling Stone has called a band to watch, they added that they were a glam band, an image singer Jason Hill fights vigorously. Other outlets said Atlantic did provide them with stylists and clothes and the “manufacturing Louis XIV” stories circulated quickly. “You start to say, where does this come from?” Hill tells Chart magazine. “It’s like, you read one article and then you see the same sentiments come up in other people’s articles. The press obviously reads other people’s press. We never got called glam rock until Rolling Stone said that’s what we were. I read in one of the other articles that all the glam rock bands of the ’70s would talk about was sex. Bullsh**! They might have been coy with how they would talk about sex, in terms of Bowie or T-Rex, but I can’t name a single song where they blatently talk about sex. It’s more wizardry and star men and all that stuff that we don’t talk about.”

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