Lots Of Injuries And Sickness For A Wilhelm Scream On Tour

A Wilhelm Scream vocalist/guitarist Trevor Reilly posted a message to fans on the band’s official website on Thursday (June 10). Reilly writes, “Wow, first off I wanna say special thanks to all the kids who’ve been coming out to the shows, especially the kids in Florida, super-especially to the kids who drove fu**ing over three hours to see alot of these shows or buy the CD. Now that’s dedication, I’m speechless. Tour’s going great, lots of drinking with Near Miss. Lots of injuries and sickness too, lemme see… one knee surgery recovery, one food poisoning, walking pnemonia, torn shoulder thingy, bleeding throat (for some reason, real gross), one really messed up looking knuckle, countless sore heads and fingers from fisticuffs, some severely jacked up gashes on hands, and that’s just our band. Perhaps we are getting old. Lots more touring ahead, so check the tour page from time to time. We’ll be out with the Lawrence Arms (great fu**in band)in the US and the Fullblast in Canada coming up soon as well as some Warped Tour dates and more stuff unfolding as we speak. We are extremely excited to now be part of the Fierce Talent family, so now all shows will be going through them. Okie that’s all for now, take care!”

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