Looks Like Bon Jovi Made It

Press of Atlantic City caught up with Richie Sambora of and asked him how the group seems to have survived the ’80s hair metal bands while Cinderella, The Scorpions and others have become largely irrelevant. “It’s funny; I always tell Jon (Bon Jovi) that I will never allow us to go on the fat Elvis tour,” Sambora said. “When I see we’re at that point, we’ll call it quits. The great thing about what we’ve done is somehow the songs we wrote have caught the global public because we relate to the every man. New Jersey represents Americana to the world. They still look at us like we’re New Jersey kids trying to make it, and meanwhile we’re approaching 100 million records sold worldwide. I think all of that happens because our songs are very small in scope. They’re about people. We’re not singing about saving the world. We’re singing about Tommy and Gina, a couple of characters living on a prayer.” Pressofatlanticcity.com has since removed the article.

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