Lollapalooza An Opportunity Unrealized

Greg Kot of the Chicago Tribune reviewed the Lollapalooza festival stop Saturday at Tweeter Center. Kot writes, “Playing to a half-empty house on a gorgeous summer day, Lollapalooza ’03 opened the question of whether the ’90s rock festival boom had run its course. Farrell’s vision spawned numerous imitators: Ozzfest, H.O.R.D.E., Smokin’ Grooves, Lilith Fair, Area 1 and 2, Warped. Now all are either extinct or running on fumes, part of a general downturn of the concert economy.” He added, “The music itself smacked of early ’90s alt-rock values (earnest music for music’s sake, devoid of fancy staging and rock-star posing) — not necessarily a bad thing. But it was mostly an opportunity unrealized, with the strong main stage acts doing little to distinguish their sets from a typical tour. There was no interaction among the headliners, save for a cameo appearance by guitarist Mike Einziger during Jane’s set on the monumental ‘Mountain Song’.” has since removed the article.

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