Living Things Say They Were Attacked Onstage By Alter Bridge, Band’s Crew

Living Things

MTV News reports singer/guitarist Lillian Berlin said his brother, drummer Bosh Berlin, 21, and the band’s touring guitarist, Corey Becker, were attacked and beat up onstage Wednesday night during a show at the Rohstofflager club in Zurich, Switzerland, by the crew of the band and at least one member of that band. The Alter Bridge camp is refuting those claims. “We were in the middle of our second song, and I had some stuff to say about the current administration and the way they’re handling the Iraq war,” Lillian said. “The Swiss were all behind us, and the crowd was cheering me on. I was talking about this letter I got inviting me to a Democrat-bashing dinner at the White House. And we went into our fourth song, and some goon from that Creed band [Alter Bridge features three former members of Creed] came out swinging an American flag and then threw it at our drummer, Bosh.” Read more.

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