Linkin Park Takes Fans On A Journey With ‘Meteora’ caught up with drummer Rob Bourdon who addressed the fact that only 12 songs comprise their ‘Meteora’ album. “It was almost 13,” he said. “You know what? We had so many songs. We actually went into the studio with 18 songs that we recorded drums on. We really tried to concentrate on the record as a whole, besides just the songs. It’s hard to cut songs out because we had songs that we’re just so attached to and I think are really great songs but we really tried to pick the amount of songs that fit the record to make the record a whole piece of work. Not just a bunch of different songs thrown on an album. We really wanted to take you on a journey so you can listen to something from beginning to end. We want something that is going to grab your attention the whole time and you’ve gone on this musical journey that is just under 37 minutes this time.”

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