Linkin Park On Mash-Up With Jay-Z And Sir Paul

MTV News reports that are thrilled with how their ‘Numb/Encore’ with Jay-Z meshed with Paul McCartney’s ‘Yesterday’ during Wednesday night’s Grammy Awards. “The Grammys asked us to perform with Jay-Z since we were nominated for the mash-up, but since we already played together on some really high-profile stages with our MTV special and with Live 8, we wanted to do something really special that showcased the power of the mash-up,” explained guitarist Brad Delson, who orchestrated the performance. “So we had this idea to do something with Paul, and when I went to Mike [Shinoda]’s house and we were listening to some of the older Beatles songs to see what would work best, ‘Yesterday’ really popped its head up.” Shinoda added, “This is getting into technicalities, but Jay’s verse is like a weird measure, like 18 bars, and the fact that ‘Yesterday’ works with that weird number, we just looked at each other like, ‘How did that happen?'” Read more.

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