Linkin Park & Limp Bizkit On Summer Sanitairum Tour?

Contributed Anonymously:

I think it’s really ridiculous those two bands are on it. I mean, Fred Durst is a sell-out and , they try to be rap with rock…which isn’t that good. It’s idiotic to have a DJ in a supposedly “Rock” band. I do not consider LP to be a Rock band. I call them a “Rock wannabe” band. Plus, they are over-played.

About , Fred tries to take much credit for things he hasn’t even done. I basically think his career is over. I mea, he’s going to work with Avril Lavigne on his next album. Which sucks because I just know what’ll this will turn into. Lets just say the same thing what he did with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera (I’m NOT a fan of Christina or Britney). Fred made up all this crap how he “got” with them. Like for Christina, “Oh I did it all for the nookie”… that’s pretty lame if you ask me. Then, on Britney, he brags how he “slept” with her etc to both of these pop stars. As you can see, Fred is doing these only when the Artists is popular, so he can leech off of them for fame. URGH.

Btw, I’ve seen the Set of songs when Limp Bizkit and LP are performing in a magazine. It’s retarded. They had it where Limp Bizkit played a couple of songs, then it went to Linkin Park playin a couple of songs…back n’ forth.

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