Linkin Park Crashes And Burns With ‘Meteora’

Linkin Park 'Meteora'

David Segal of the Washington Post reviewed ’s new album ‘Meteora’, giving it a ‘D’ grade. Segal explained, “Given that a follow-up took two years, you’d think Linkin Park has been retooling its sound, or delving into emotions other than everyone-hates-me rage. Pshaw. ‘Meteora’ is one of the most gutless sophomore albums in pop history. It risks nothing. It steadfastly refuses to do anything but repeat itself. “Meteora” feels like a con from start to finish. How so? For one, there’s something bogus about a multiplatinum act that can think of nothing else to howl about except the emotional brutalities of the cavity-prone years, the subject of every single song here. It’s an orgy of self-pity.” has since removed the article.

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