Limp Bizkit Takes Best Rock Video

won Best Rock Video at the Video Music Awards in New York last night. Wes Borland and Fred Durst accepted both acting rather odd.

Full transcript of acceptance speech:

uh. Uh.

This is a great night for a lot of people and pretty much we owe everything to our fans and to, um, life, and existence for creating inspiration and music and we’re just happy to be here and we can’t believe we’re getting this video music award. ( Applause ) and i just want to say thanks to a couple people real quick. Jordan Surer and the firm and Ben Stiller for being in the video and he’s got a great new movie coming out Zoolander, you got to see that. Hey to my band at home and my new baby boy, Dallas, wherever you are, you know. And Adriana. And this is just tight. I think wes has a couple words he wants to s say real quick.

I just, if it’s all right, I’ve seen people in the past sing a little bit up here and I’d like to express– I’d like to express my feelings with a quick course of wasted years by Iron Maiden.

So understand don’t wash away searching for those wasted years

fess up make your stand

and realize you’re living in those golden years thanks a lot.

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