Limp Bizkit Is ‘Exploding At The Seams!’

’s new album, currently titled ‘Panty Sniffer’, is now scheduled for release on September 8th, 2003. The band is in the final stages of recording new material in Los Angeles which now features new
guitarist Mike Smith. Says frontman Fred Durst, “The new band is exploding at the seams! We feel like it’s a real band sound now, and we owe it to the fans to make this the best album we can.” The group as a result had to cancel 5 European festival dates in June and are now planning on coming to Europe in late August. “We hate to disappoint any of our fans, so we want to come back to Europe as soon as we can,” says Durst.

Notice the news release says ‘Limp Bizkit’, not ‘limpbizkit’, so it appears the name change didn’t stick.

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