Liam Gallagher Was Like A Wild Animal In Bar Brawl

The Sun has more photos and details of star Liam Gallagher and the Munich hotel brawl that led to his teeth being knocked out. Jeorg Wallmuller, the drummer from a band playing in the plush Bayerischer Hof hotel as the fight went on said Liam had swung a microphone stand round his head as blood spurted from his mouth during the free-for-all. “Gallagher was like a wild animal. I have never seen such violence,” he explained. “One minute we were playing the The Doobie Brothers hit ‘Long Train Runnin”, the next we were in the middle of a cowboy-style brawl.” He added, “I could see his two front teeth had gone but he was demented and screamed as he grabbed our microphone stand, swung it over his head and flung it at the Italians. It was like hell on earth.”

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