Liam Gallagher Q&A

Jolie Lash of Spinner caught up with Liam Gallagher of for a Q&A, recalling a prior interview she had with Tom Meighan from Kasabian, who talked about touring with Liam and crew and that Tom and Liam got along in a crazy way and had their own language, even claiming if he was a woman, he’d be having Liam’s babies. “Well, that’s — fu**ing hell, that’s a bit of a mad [one] then, that’s considering he’d be a fu**ing good looking woman,” Gallagher responded. Asked what he thought of Tom when he first met the singer, Liam responded, “I met him at a gig. They were supporting [Oasis’ former rhythm guitarist] Bonehead’s band — some fu**ing sh** band Bonehead was in at the Death Disco, [former Creation Records boss] Alan Mcgee’s [club]. I’d never heard of him. I walked past and they were cool. We just got a drink. I wasn’t there long and that was it — that was all I remember. And then I obviously started seeing the fu**ing band — he’s fu**ing great. He’s got good energy. I like people like that.” The complete transcript at has since been removed.

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