Lenny Kravitz Discusses Jay-Z & Drake Collaborations

Lenny Kravitz performs on Walmart Soundcheck

did a 6-song live set and interview to support ‘Black and White America’ for Walmart Soundcheck. The 47-year-old performed ‘Black and White America’, ‘Cab Driver’, ‘Come On’, ‘Stand’, ‘Are You Gonna Go My Way’ and ‘Let Love Rule’.

During the interview, Lenny talked about how ‘Black and White America’ is “who I am”, how the title track is a rebuttal to those who want to go back in time regarding race, cutting the album in the Bahamas, how playing the music in Paris made it sound different – causing him to rework the album, collecting vintage gear, collaborating with Jay-Z and Drake, believing in music and the concept of the album, and more.

“I collaborated with Jay-Z on the album, he’s on a song called ‘Boongie Drop’,” Lenny explained, “and I also collaborated with Drake, who is on a track called ‘Sunflower’. These collaborations came by virtue of the music calling for it. I don’t collaborate or do things because oh, that would be cool, or this person’s hot right now. It’s about the music, and when I listen to the music, I hear what needs to happen. The music always dictates, it always tells me what to do, it always tells me the next instrument to play. When I was listening to these tunes back, I actually heard Jay’s voice, I heard Drake’s voice, and I made the phone calls and they were nice enough to contribute to the tracks.”

Watch it at soundcheck.walmart.com and check out more photos from the appearance below the cut.

Lenny Kravitz plays guitar on Walmart Soundcheck
Lenny Kravitz shows off his tattoo on Walmart Soundcheck
Lenny Kravitz on stage during his Walmart Soundcheck
Lenny Kravitz singing during his Walmart Soundcheck

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