Lee Says Neil Rift Is Blown Out Of Proportion

In a recent interview with QCTimes.com, drummer was happy to report that little has changed on the rock ‘n’ roll front. “If last night’s any indication, absolutely nothing’s changed,” he said with a huge laugh. “It’s exactly the same. Let’s just say that there are many remnants of female clothing scattered all over the floor of my tour bus and the Jagermeister in the machine is down to half a bottle. It’s all about the same to me, brotha.” As for the speculation of an open rift between Lee and Crue’s singer Vince Neil, Lee said, “A lot of people are always asking me, ‘How are you and Vince getting along?’ We get along great, it’s really been blown out of proportion. We’re like brothers. We eat together. We drink together. We (make love) together. We fight together. We’ve been together for so many years, but it still comes up all the time. I wonder, ‘Why do people always ask that question?'”

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