Layne Staley’s Mother, Local Artists Visit Vigil

Well apparently the Layne Staley vigil talked about earlier today went down, though it was relatively quiet since there wasn’t any publicity… though I am a little skeptical since there wasn’t any radio/tv coverage of this, and if the story told is true, you’d think it would’ve brought the press out. According to a posting at Alice In Chain’s message board, a couple hundred people were at the Seattle Center Saturday evening and Layne’s mother was there as well.

Madseasonsabove writes, “Laynes mom! What an amazing lady!! She was at the vigil tonite, shaking hands and hugging everyone. I feel so bad for her. Said ‘Your son’s words have done a lot for me and I’m sure many others during difficult times.” And she told me ‘I never understood half his words.’ This is probably a good thing. I thought that was pretty funny. And I got a hug from her. She told me a couple of other things which I’ll just keep to myself.”

“Jerry, Mike, and Sean were all there. [Chris] Cornell, Queensryche guys, Dave Abbruzzese were other familiar faces. None stayed too long but hugs were everywhere. I’d say a couple hundred people showed. Met some really good people tonight (a couple from the board).”

“We had some live music as well from a couple guys. They played ‘Got Me Wrong’, ‘Heaven Beside You’, ‘Rooster’, ‘Wish You Were Here’. Some NIN and more with different people playing guitar and a guy with a hand drum. The night sure helped me through this tragic time! RIP Layne.” The thread at has since been removed.

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