Layne Staley Funeral On Sunday

Friends and family of frontman Layne Staley will hold a private funeral service on Sunday (April 28) at an undisclosed location off Puget Sound. On Friday, fans held a public memorial for the singer at the International Fountain in the Seattle Center, though attendance was hampered by heavy rains.

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2 thoughts on “Layne Staley Funeral On Sunday

  1. deanna says:

    I was wonder why didn’t Layne’s family keep Layne’s beloved cat “Sadie”? Why did they give Layne’s beloved cat to Catrell? I know how it is to have a member of the family addicted to drugs. Especially Heroine my daughters father was addicted for a very long time. I had to cut ties with him and i refuse to let him see my daughter but,i know it hurt my daughter and i but, i had to until he would get help. It took years but, now they are working in having a relationship. The best thing that ever happen is that my daughter now has the father she always wanted. I will always love AIC but, the band is not the same. I am saddened but, i know Layne found the peace he was looking for and i know the angels are guarding him so he will never feel the loneliness he felt. Love You Layne…………..

  2. Dawn Ramundo says:

    Love you layne. Rip

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