Lars ‘Still Reeling’ Over Napster Battle

Edna Gundersen of USA Today spoke with about their much publicized fued with Napster, and the fallout amongst young music fans who felt they had sold out, especially drummer Lars Ulrich, who acted as the band’s spokesman on the issue. “Lars took so many shots,” frontman James Hetfield said. “He’s still reeling. The image of him was mob-ruled, and he became the Saddam of rock. But we had to take a stand. There was no thought of the consequences or image management.” Lars himself added, “We got blindsided by the enormity of it. It started when some guy put a song on the Internet that we hadn’t finished mixing yet. And I wanted to know where it came from. Things took a drastic turn from there. It was never about money and greed; it was about control. I have no problem giving (music) away, but I want to decide what to give.” Read more.

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