Lanois Explains The Origin Behind U2’s ‘Beautiful Day’

Greg Quill of the Toronto Star spoke with producer Daniel Lanois ahead of his Grammy nomination for Record of the Year and Album of the Year for his work on ’s ‘All That You Can’t Leave Behind’. Lanois explained the origin of the album’s anthem ‘Beautiful Day’ saying, “We’d just about finished one whole piece, when The Edge started blazing away on his guitar, making a sound like shattering metal, while Bono was ad-libbing over the end section of the song. Suddenly, Bono shouted out, ‘It’s a beautiful day!’ and in an instant, a minor fragment of improvisation at the back end of one song became something much bigger and more important, more emotionally powerful than what had gone before. We dumped the original song, built another one around that fragment, and re-cut it. And ‘Beautiful Day’ became an anthem.”

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