Lamb Of Gods Blythe Visits Al Di TV

Randy Bythe of Lamb of God appeared on Al Di TV, where the singer talked about his cooking skills, calling himself a ladies man, listening to hip hop and reggae, why he skipped the Grammy Awards, appearing on ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’ and Max Weinberg being a big fan of the band, karaoke, and more. Randy said after watching the finished product: “Dear Most Honorable and Awesome Al, I just watched the first part of our interview on your website- I fu**ing loved it! You are the Chinese/Canadian Pimp Daddy of ALL music journalists! YOU ARE THE FU**ING KING, Al- I will beat up anyone that says otherwise. **ck them- I represent and fully back Al Di TV – word to the motherfu**er.” Watch the interview below.

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