Lacuna Coil Q&A caught up with guitarists Cristiano Migliore and Marco Emanuele ‘Maus’ Biazzi for a Q&A about their new album ‘Karmacode’. Asked about touring with going so far, Biazzi responded, “It’s going good. It’s a Zombie tour. For sure, we’re supporting him. We just started the tour six, seven days ago. I really have a good impression about this tour. Almost all of the gigs are sold out, which is the best promotion also for us. We are coming out with a new album and he just did it, so it’s a perfect combination. I like the crowds every night. Also, Bullet for My Valentine, they’re a great band.” Migliore added, “It’s a very nice package. Every night all of the bands have really good reactions from the crowds. It couldn’t be better.” Read more.

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