Lacuna Coil Frontwoman Wants It To Be About The Music

frontwoman Cristina Scabbia tells MTV News that while the media seems to be fixated on her looks, she said she wants fans to focus on the band’s music. “You’ll never see [a magazine article dedicated to] ‘The Hottest Men in Metal,’ because it’s not that common for the metal scene to have girls up front,” she said. “So it’s the easiest thing to [comment on], because it’s obvious I’m the different element to the band. You can take advantage of [the attention] if you’re sure of your own potential, if you’re sure of what the band can give. You can play with your image and the image of the band itself. But when people buy the record, they don’t buy the image. They buy it for the music. So when you’re sure you can put out a good album, it doesn’t matter. It’s just more appealing. Even if you advertise tires for a car, you see a naked woman in the ads — and that’s not the point, but it’s just more appealing. It’s a representation of art, in a way.” Read more.

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