Lacey Mosley Dishes On Joshua Sturm’s Proposal

singer Lacey Mosley spoke with Altitude TV about how Joshua Sturm proposed to her. “We went to the lake and he had on this shirt with a pocket on the chest and he put his iPhone in there and played the sone off his iPod ‘The Blower’s Daughter’,” Lacey explained. “He asked if I wanted to dance with him. He tells me this awesome story about before he met me and he knew I was his wife from the beginning… So he’s like I just wanted to ask you, then he gets on his knee. I’m like, ‘Ohh! What are you doing?’ Then he’s like, ‘Will you marry me.’ I’m like, ‘Yes, yes.'” Watch it at YouTube.

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11 thoughts on “Lacey Mosley Dishes On Joshua Sturm’s Proposal

  1. Sapph says:

    Aw!! So cute!
    Lacey you are treasured by all of us anyway!
    But this is very sweet, you’ve got a good guy there
    Really happy for you xxx

  2. peedy pablo says:

    What does he look like?

  3. anthony tobolski says:

    Hi I love you.


    I love Anthony Tobolski!


    ^is that a real website? I love guys whose hands fall off and they scream.

  6. pippipdadoodleydoo says:

    I’m just a baby. Baby, baby, no.

  7. F-U-N spells FUN!!!!!!! says:

    UM NO. walk away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stranger danger!!!

  8. heywearebored........ says:

    ^^^^um yah. ^^^^ I speak the truth.^^^^^^^

  9. weirdcarrotguy says:

    I have 6 fingers don’t misuse it.

  10. y@DI says:

    Aw…..that’s so sweet Lacey. You really hit the jackpot with that one. You are a lucky girl. Good Luck getting married….Love you!

  11. marie says:

    Hi my name is Lacey, that’s cool you got married and you are a Christian that gives me more faith in life and in God and love the song you performed here in Montana!!! ^_^

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