Label Pulls The Plug On ‘Chinese Democracy’?

According to Buddyhead, the plug has been pulled on ‘Chinese Democracy’. They write: “It’s official. There will be no new Guns N’ Roses album. After a decade of millions of studio hours, millions of different collaboration combinations, and millions of dollars… and when we say millions, we mean FU**ING MILLIONS… Interscope / Geffen / 50 other labels, have finally pulled the plug on Axl. This last tour getting cancelled was the last straw in the continuing money pit that is (was) Guns N’ Roses. Looks like ‘Chinese Democracy’ will be placed alongside countless other urban legends with handfuls of people claiming, ‘Oh yeah, I heard it once, it exists.’ Etc etc.” Read more, including news on the White Stripes, Iggy Pop, Limp Bizkit having to play their Metallica cover about a dozen times at the mtvICON, singer Dave Grohl recording a rap rock record with , and more at

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