Label Hopping Unwritten Law Figure Out Best Of Solution

singer Scott Russo spoke with Australia’s Beat magazine about the unusual measures the band went through to record their best of album. “Well, the band put out six records, and each record has been put out on a different label,” Russo explained. “Because we’ve been on so many labels, there was no way to contractually get them to agree to let us release these songs. So instead of fighting with people, trying to get the masters from them, we found loopholes where we could re-record the songs. This way it makes it fresh for us, and makes it fresh for our fans. It’s a lot cooler to us to do it this way, and is fun. We get to go back and rehash these songs and rerecord them like we play them live. It all came together organically, but was inspired by legal issues with the record companies.”

The full interview at has since been removed.

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