Kroeger On ‘Gotta Be Somebody’ & ‘If Today Was Your Last Day’

frontman Chad Kroeger talked about a couple songs off their new album ‘Dark Horse’, including ‘Gotta Be Somebody’ and ‘If Today Was Your Last Day’. On the latter, he explained, “The title sort of says it all. It’s a lot of, what would you do? Would you make amends. No only that, it’s kind of that whole, you gotta em all like they’re your last.”

The video comments at YouTube have since been removed.

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2 thoughts on “Kroeger On ‘Gotta Be Somebody’ & ‘If Today Was Your Last Day’

  1. jacqueline d. meyer says:

    Can’t wait till you come to Denver in Oct… Have not had a band effect me in such a positive way in a long time!! Nickelback puts out some of the best music…ever!
    I can understand and relate to the lyrics …and the vocals, guitar, drums…it all “works” and comes together perfectly…I’m sure Chad, you are a people person because you seem honest and genuine. How refreshing !! and sexy…enough for now…Best Wishes for yer current tour…

  2. jacqueline d. meyer says:

    The song, “If today was yer last day” is extremely moving,… because it could very well be … for anyone…and how would it feel, as I have discovered, if you didn’t live each day like it was your last.!! MY eyes are open NOW to living that way, and what a difference it makes. Thanks for that song…it reminds me how blessed we are….. To be alive…. every minute of every day!!……Keep rockin…

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