Korn’s Jonathan Davis Passes Interviewing Buck

’s Jonathan Davis phoned in to MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday where he promptly told John Norris that he’ll no longer be doing interviews and has passed the responsibility to the unpaid Korn Camp. Davis said, “I wanted to come on and tell you guys something. Uhm, I’ma tell you something new that’s going on. Right now I just want to tell everybody that you’ll get news from us and we started the Korn Camp made up of fans directly in touch with us and we hung out and talk to and we usually just tell them everything and they get the news first so anything you need to know about the record or anything going on in the Korn world, just remember the Korn camp will tell you and I think there is a member outside your window. Look out there, there is a kid down there and if you want to know anything about Korn, anything that’s going on, he will tell you.” So afterwards, the kid in the audience came up and said he heard tracks on the new album, he just kept saying it was dope. He also says the group will start out on tour June 20.

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