Korn’s Jonathan Davis Calls Into TRL Tuesday

frontman Jonathan Davis called in to MTV’s Total Request Live on Tuesday to talk about the band’s new album ‘Untouchable’ due out May 14 as well as his work on ‘Queen of the Damned.’ For a transcript from his chat with Carson Daly, read on.

Jonathan Davis: Yes.

Carson: It’s Carson how are you, bro.

Jonathan Davis: Good how are you Carson?

Carson: Dude last time you were on TRL I’m looking at the 28th of April 2000 I haven’t seen seen you out and about.

Jonathan Davis: I’ve been real busy workin’ on our album.

Carson: “Untouchables” the real or working title.

Jonathan Davis: The real title.

Carson: Do you have a release date you have no idea all these Korn kids, when is it coming out.

Jonathan Davis: May 14th.

Carson: You heard it here at least you can leave me alone!

Jonathan Davis: Ha-ha.

Carson: Uhm, I am thoroughly confused, dude about the whole “Queen of the Damned” soundtrack and you and the movie and, ha-ha I’ll let you straighten that out for me in second but let’s get back to the record you just worked on. Is this, I guess, safe to say classic Korn or what sort of experimenting did you do with the sound on this new record.

Jonathan Davis: Uhm, I mean we took a long time doing this album. We spent a long time in different places in the states and Canada just goin’ around trying to find out what we wanted to do and, uh, i think a mixture
of classic Korn and stuff that’s to come, a new thing. We’ve always [inaudible]
ourselves and I think it is the best album we’ve ever put together, it is our best, and I mean that’s that.

Carson: March 14th. Explain this today “Queen of the Damned” a movie everybody has been talking about, the soundtrack is out.

Jonathan Davis: Yesterday.

Carson: Yesterday?

Jonathan Davis: Today it came out.

Csoson: Today it is out. You did five songs on it where not on the soundtrack but you sing in the movie as the character of — in this movie; right?

Jonathan Davis: Yes.

Carson: You also did the soundtrack yourself and you did the — you were involved in getting the others, is that true?

Jonathan Davis: Yes. The whole thing I did, we did these songs for “Queen of the Damned” and [inaudible] songs in the movie me and my partner Richard Gibbs and we did orchestral score, too. We mixed them together, bouncin’ off the songs and everything like that and put together the soundtrack because actually to Sony I couldn’t sing on the soundtrack, when I got together with Limp [Bizkit], Chester, Wayne, [Marilyn] Manson, Jake and
David from Disturbed and we had this come in and sing my vocals which was a weird experience.

Carson: Than doesn’t seem normal.

Jonathan Davis: Ha-ha, it was crazy.

Carson: When we watch this movie “Queen of the Damned” and last is singing we hear you.

Jonathan Davis: Yes.

Carson: That must be we’re and were is the recording row ses, are you watching the poof vee.

Jonathan Davis: Actually I did it before the movie was shot. So the
songs are done so Stuart the guy who played that had to copy and lip-sync
me but it was weird to see somebody do that to my voice, threw me for a

Carson: I know you have been busy. I don’t check if you have a take what’s going on musical seems like 8 months since we’ve seen you a good
solid year if you have any thoughts on it I’m always interested to hear
what you have to say about it.

Jonathan Davis: I’m glad rock is having a resurgence and everything but I think everything is a bit the same and I’m ready for a change.

Carson: I think I speak for the other Korn kids when we say we can’t wait for March 14th. I know you are swamped.

Jonathan Davis: Get that continuing will freak you out it is really,
really good.

Carson: May 14th?

Jonathan Davis: May 14th.

Carson: “Untouchable” and it is Korn. Jonathan thank you.

Jonathan Davis: Thank you very much Carson.

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