Korn’s Jonathan Davis And Deadsy’s Elijah Blue On Stern

’s Jonathan Davis was on the Howard Stern show this morning and brought along ’s Elijah Blue Allman, whose on Jonathan’s record label Elementary Records. Davis talked about dating a porn star named Devon and how the sex is definitely different with a porn star. He talked about his childhood and how he was molested when he was a young kid. He said he told his parents about it and they just laughed it off at the time.

Howard ended up talking to Elijah for a while about his life. He talked to him about his father Greg Allman and his mother Cher. Elijah said he didn’t spend all that much time with either of his parents while he was growing up. He was sent away to private school at the age of 8. He did get to hang around with them a little bit but he thinks it was probably best that he was sent away so early.

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