Korn Ready To Hit The Road

KORN frontman Jonathan Davis has posted the following message on his ButtSexCrips.com web site: “Well, today was the last day of rehearsal. We leave in four days to start the Euro tour. We sound better than ever and we are very excited to get out and play again. We have got 18 songs mixed and ready [for the new album], so two more to go. The sh** is BANGIN’! Terry [Date, mixer] and I will probably be up all Thursday night fixing all the mixes so it will be totally done on Friday. On Wednesday, me and Munky [guitar] have a photo shoot for the inside artwork, and Fieldy [bass] and David [drums] are doin’ theirs on Thursday. Sh** is starting to happen fast, so get ready ’cause HERE WE COME BIATCHES.”

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