Korn Prepare For Life After Epic

frontman Jonathan Davis spoke with LiveDaily.com about the group’s options following the upcoming release of a greatest-hits collection, which will fulfill their seven-album deal with Epic Records. “We make the records we want to make,” he said. “We never had [Epic] come back and say, ‘Well, this is the kind of record we want to put out.’ That didn’t fly with us. Now we’re getting ready to do a greatest hits and we’re off Sony, so we’re free agents. And we’re not going to sign to another major label; we’re just going to do it ourselves. It’s time for a new business model. Music, I think, in general, totally sucks. Corporate rock now is all this pop-punk stuff that’s about nothing. Nothing’s dangerous anymore. Nothing has any meaning, and that’s why it’s not selling. Hip-hop really sells a lot because that stuff is dangerous, and it’s great; it’s music. [sighs] It’s just an ailing business.”

The full story at livedaily.com has since been removed.

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