Korn Move Forward Away From Rap-Rock

Chart Attack spoke with guitarist James “Munky” Shaffer who said the amount of imitation of the group’s sound has caused them to move into a direction away from rap-rock. “So many bands had taken what we were doing,” he said. “On one hand it was flattering, but on the other hand it kept us motivated to move forward on this album. This time we said goodbye to the whole rap thing. We want to keep evolving. It’s not a challenge to keep doing it again. But the shift away from the rap was totally unconscious. We didn’t say ‘We’re not gonna do this.’ All of a sudden we found ourselves writing these metal riffs and we’re like ‘Fu**in’ cool!’ We’re into it!” Subconsciously we probably felt that there were a lot of bands doing the rap-metal thing so it was time to move on.”

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