Korn Frontman Blasts ‘St. Anger’

Blabbermouth.net reports frontman Jonathan Davis recently gave Swedish journalist Martin Carlsson his opinion on ’s latest album ‘St. Anger’. “I think it’s the shi**iest thing I ever heard in my life!” he said. “I respect those guys immensely since some of those songs are great. Some of that sh** sounds like it’s beginners’ sh**. I understand they’re going for a new raw and heavy sound, but that’s just sh**. I don’t get it. I like some of the songs, it’s cool and it’s not [me] talking sh** [about them] at all, but the production is just horrible. I know what they’re trying to get across, but Lars [Ulrich]’s snare drum is the most irritating thing I’ve heard in my whole life.”

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