Kittie Hasn’t Missed Out On ‘Normal’ Teenage Life

Paul Rogers of the Las Vegas Weekly spoke with ’s Morgan Lander who disputes the notion that being in a band in her teen years has caused her to miss the “normal” teenage life. “What does a ‘normal teen-age life’ entail? Getting drunk and ending up pregnant at 18? For me, this (band) was an outlet that was probably more positive than just continuing with going through high school and staying where I live, which is a pretty conservative and not very exciting place,” she said. “This opportunity has allowed all of us to grow as people and become more worldly, more mature … more entrepreneurial, if you will. For a lot of my friends at home, nothing has changed. … With me, I’m in constant evolution, I’m in constant motion, y’know? I don’t think I’ve missed out at all.” has since removed the article.

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