Kirkwood Says Tragedy Didn’t Shape Eyes Adrift

John La Briola of the Cleveland Scene caught up with Eyes Adrift frontman Curt Kirkwood, who talked about how during the last two decades, the entire group has seen a number of friends and musical colleagues die well before their time: ’s Kurt Cobain, the Minutemen’s D. Boon, Morphine’s Mark Sandman, the Replacements’ Bob Stinson, Sublime’s Brad Nowell — the list goes on. But according to Kirkwood, grief and calamity did not shape the group. “We didn’t get together because of our mutual tragedies,” Kirkwood says. “This sh** just keeps happening, whether you like it or not. You can’t be dragged down by it either. There’s no fu**ing way you can get around something like the genius of Cobain — and then he shoots himself. It’s not like a phenomenon that Kurt Cobain shot himself … But this isn’t ‘Survivor, Part II’. This is reality. We don’t sit around and talk about it.” has since removed the article.

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