Kings Of Leon Were Sheltered From Rock Growing Up

Caleb Followill of Kings of Leon

Kings of Leon vocalist and guitarist Caleb Followill spoke with Beat magazine about growing up in the strict eye of the United Pentecostal Church where they were forbidden the pleasures of rock music. “It was against our religion to listen to secular music,” Caleb said. “The only thing we could get away with was [old music], so whenever my family would go to bed at night, I’d put a little radio under my pillow and I’d listen to Chuck Berry and Otis Reading and even stuff like Tommy James and the Shondells: the first time I heard Crimson and Clover it freaked me out. Then in high school I was rocking out to Pearl Jam and Aerosmith and sh** like that. Then I got into Pixies, Velvet Underground, The Cure and stuff like that.”

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