Killing Heidi’s Waz On New Album Cover

Sony Music reports that ’s Waz said that they decided on a band shot for the cover of their new self-titled album to reinforce their new musical direction and let people re-familiarize themselves with the group again. “We didn’t have any definite ideas when we first started thinking about putting the artwork together, other than we wanted to keep it simple and stripped back,” he said. “The more people we spoke to about it, the more we realized it was a small but an important way for people to be able to relate to us and who we are as a band now,” he said. Ella and Jesse have spent a lot of time up in Sydney lately putting the final touches on the artwork. Ella has been really interested in a lot of amazing Thai and Indian indigenous art lately and came up with the idea to incorporate a bit of Eastern influence into the title font. We’re happy with how it has turned out.”

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