Kiefer Sutherland On Why He Signed Billy Boy On Poison

Billy Boy On Poison

Kiefer Sutherland introduced Billy Boy on Poison after recently directing the music video for their single ‘On My Way’. In this video, Kiefer shared a little about his experience working with the Los Angeles rock band and the reason he and his partner Jude Cole signed them to their label, Ironworks Music.

“One of the reasons we signed the band was just because the music itself really amplifies why I wanted to start a label in the first place,” Kiefer explained. “It was guitar driven rock, and I just love that about this band. Their energy is unbelievable and the songs were instantly identifiable. For all of those different reasons, it was something that Jude Cole, my partner on the label and I just really desperately wanted to sign.”

Watch the commentary via YouTube below.

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