Kids In Underwear Fits What ‘The Middle’ Is About

Wendy Case of The Detroit News caught up with Jimmy Eat World bassist Rick Burch, who described the band’s latest video ‘The Middle’, which is currently in heavy rotation on MTV. The storyline features a house party where all in attendance are in their underwear. “There’s something about kids in underwear,” jokes Burch. “At first, we were like, ‘No, no way — we’re not gonna play that card.’ But then, thinking about it more and more, (the concept) actually fit the song well. The song is about the teen-age years when you feel like you don’t fit in. The (video) concept is the role-reversal of the dream you have when you’re walking around in your underwear and everyone else is looking at you like you are a freak. In this case, we chose everyone to be in their underwear and the central character to be fully dressed. But everybody’s (still) looking at him like he’s a freak.” has since removed the article.

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