Kid Rock’s Family No Fan Of Pamela Anderson

Us Weekly reports ’s mother Susan Ritchie and sister Jill Ritchie are furious with Pamela Anderson after the actress decided to juggle romances with her son and Tommy Lee, Anderson’s ex-husband. When the two met up at Kid Rock’s VH1 Christmas Special taping, a soiurce revealed, “They hate her so much. It wasn’t a fistfight, but they were yelling. All of the family is mad at Pam, but he just loves that girl.”

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2 thoughts on “Kid Rock’s Family No Fan Of Pamela Anderson

  1. donnapatterson says:

    Hi guys I would be a better girl friend than Pam Anderson.Kid and love NC Tarheels. antiques. And I am older than her and have more insurance! Next time he visits NC and Dale Jr. Send him down for some barbecue shagging NC dancing. And I make a great Kentucky bourbon cake. From scratch. Jr. knows my nephew. He can visit any time.

  2. donnapatterson says:

    Even though I do admire Pam for her animal rights activist she needs some fine tuning on relationships.

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