Kid Rock’s Christmas With The Troops

Rolling Stone’s Rock & Roll Daily reports that will spend the holidays with U.S. personnel in the Middle East. “This year, for Christmas, I wanted to make sure somebody was thanking our troops for their service, no matter what our views are on the current situation in Iraq,” he said. “I would be spending Christmas with my family, but in my heart I know this is the right thing to do – not only for our men and women in service, but also to set an example for my son and send a strong message to the world to be thankful and think of others at Christmas time.”

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One thought on “Kid Rock’s Christmas With The Troops

  1. jessica smitley im 12yrs says:

    I love Kid Rock stop trashing him hes fine just the way he is don’t talk bad about him and I think someone needed to hit Tommy Lee in the face. So there I love you Kid Rock come adopt me please. I’m in a house in Columbus, Ohio hurry

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