Kid Rock Wins AMA & Feels Like Makin’ Love

Jimmy Kimmel joked midway through Sunday night’s American Music Awards, and after had performed ‘Feel Like Makin’ Love’: “By the way, if anyone is interested, Kid Rock is out in the parking lot and still feels like making love. Meet him by the el Camino.”

Later in the boardcast, Kid Rock took home Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist. He said in his acceptance speech: “One for the good guys. Always wanted to win something. My first option would have been the lotto. But I say thank you to my band, they are like my family. And hi to my son who is watching. Pamela, love you baby. And everybody here loves their wives that are sitting there, too. Girlfriends, friends, whatever. I want to thank the fat girl sitting right there. What’s up, baby?”

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