Kid Rock Wasn’t Catering To TRL With ‘Cocky’

G. Brown of the Denver Post spoke with on the sales of his latest album, ‘Cocky’, that have paled in comparison to his previous effort. Kid Rock explained the decision to not make a ‘Devil Without A Cause’ sound-alike disc saying, “Once you get the hottest thing in sight, record companies find other things that sound like it. It starts to water down the music. It seems to be really bad right now with pop music, country music, rock music, wherever you look. I made songs that might not be easy for kids to chew, but at the same time, I’m 31 years old. I’m not going to be (‘Total Request Live’s’) favorite son. That’s not where my head’s at. I figured, let’s take a sales dive and maybe retain some credibility.” has since removed the article.

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