Kid Rock Turning Pam Anderson Into Drunk On VIP Set

The Enquirer is reporting Pamela Anderson has become an embarrassment on the set of her show VIP. Pamela has been arriving hours late, often drunk or hung over after partying with fiance .

On an August 28 special for TNN Pam flipped out as an insider revealed, “Pam was at her worst – just about as obnoxious as a star can be. She’d downed a bottle of Cristal Champagne while hosting a ‘Baywatch’ marathon and when she went across to another stage to do some promotion spots for the network, she was rude and belligerent. She kept rolling her eyes and acting obnoxious. And when the director asked Pam for more hand gestures in the spot, she complied by saying ‘Here’s you hand gesture,’ and then flipped the started guy off!”

A source told the Enquirer, “If you tink Tommy Lee was bad for Pam, Kid Rock mades him look like a Boy Scout. Pam’s relationship with Kid is destroying her.”

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