Kid Rock Thanks Coors For Cheap Ticket Prices

Aimee Spencer of Get Real Detroit spoke with about how things are going on his current tour, what he thought about the Grammys, and how he’s keeping ticket prices so low at $20 for his current tour. Kid Rock explained, “All the thanks goes to Coors beer. I think it’s very important that we keep ticket prices at a reasonable rate, after all, when you come to a show and have to spend $60 on a ticket, how much fun can you actually have? For an average concertgoer, if the price is $30, you can still buy a few beers, buy a shirt or CD, and have a great time – actually come away from the concert with something substantial. When we plan a tour, we find creative ways to keep the ticket prices at a reasonable rate, like incorporating a sponsor.” has since removed the article.

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