Kid Rock Talks Tommy, Britney & Pamela With The Mikey Show

was on the phone with The Mikey Show on Rock 105.3 in San Diego on Thursday (September 13), where he discussed his fight with at the MTV Video Music Awards, the performance by Britney Spears, and his failed marriage to Pamela Anderson. Rock said of the ‘Baywatch’ star: “That was probably the best thing I ever did, was get out of that the day I filed for divorce. In hindsight you can never tell anyone anything about love, but I went through what I went through, and there’s no doubt it wasn’t love, we went through all these things, but then coming out of it pretty much unscathed, after uprooting my son and a lot of things, it’s like thank God I’m out of this, it had zero to do with her. Of course she’ll tell everyone she was the victim in it, like always. ‘I’m the victim, I’m the victim!'”

The interview audio at has since been removed. Check out highlights at

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