Kid Rock Stops By MTV’s TRL On Friday

stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Friday to talk with host Brian McFayden before his show Friday at Madison Square Garden. Kid Rock talked about the tour, his wedding plans with Pamela Anderson, and gave his thoughts on artists on the TRL countdown – dissing Kylie Minogue and giving props to his Detroit buddy, Eminem. For a transcript, read on.

Kid Rock: Howdy!

Brian: You’ve done this showo many times I’m pointin’ to the window
andou are like i know what I’m dn’ brian.

Kid Rock: I know. I don’t mean to downplay it. I’ll do a little better.
Come on.


[Cheering] Always a little weird.

Brian: Wha’ssup, man

Kid Rock: Nothin’ how are ya.

Brian: Dude you played Philly last night.

Kid Rock: Yeah, phidelphia freedom.

Brian: Cocky tour we’re callin’ it.

Kid Rock: Yeah, without the “y”.. No just kidn’ Cocky tour.

Brian: Playin’ with Lit and you are here tonight at Madison Square Garden.

Kid Rock: First time there, big night.

Brian: Congratulations on that

Kid Rock: Thank you.

Brian: What’s the production set like.

Kid Rock: We have the most elaborate cheap production in rock ‘n roll.
Basically an airstream trailer cut in line wit hub cabs of cose a big American
flag like we always have, a couple girls in a cage.

Brian: That’s a tradition the lady in the cage a trition. How is your
family, man, your

Kid Rock: funny “spiderman” was here today actually took my kid and
a friend to see it. We got to leadin’ the pack, walk up I set down, he
and his buddy go like 8 rows back a sit down.

Brian: Embarrassed to be with double doper.

Kid Rock: I’m like dude, I don’t want to toot my own horn beep beep
but I’m the coolest dude in the theater. Shows you the kids are all the
same like i don’t care who you are we’ll chill back here.

Brian: Did you tell him you would be with Tobey Maguire?

Kid Rock: I didn’t know.

Brian: He’s home and pissed!


Kid Rock: Not only is he pissed just gettin’ out of school on top of

Brian: All these rumors what you’ll wear for your wedding. Congratulations
on that, by the way

Kid Rock: Oh, thank you.

Brian: There she is. The wife is here in spirit. [billboard of Pamela
in Times Square]

Kid Rock: I was just gonna say, man see that chick out there. I don’t
care what any of you freaks say. One day I’m gonna marry that girl, ha-ha.


Brian: So what’s the attire I heard she was going to wear denim shorts
and a bra and you a leopard suit. Every magazine they are talking.

Kid Rock: We haven’t even got any plans down of what exactly it is so
it is just more speculation, Good stuff to read when you are killin’ time
on a toilet or a long flight too. Or somethin’. I don’t know.

Brian: Kid rock I like I’m wearin’ that. Let’s get into avril lavigne
“complicated” your no. 6 mt requested video, more with kid rock aft this:


Brian: Avril Lavigne “Complicated” number 6. Hangin’ out with the man
Kid Rock they call you pimp of the nation, the pimp of the United States
of America.

Kid Rock: Ha-ha.

Brian: The master

Kid Rock: Certainly has been said.

Brian: Were you the pimp.

Kid Rock: What’s that.

Brian: I don’t know what the hell I’m sayin’ I’m just tryin’ to sound
cool hangin’ out with Kid Rock. This is great, what the hell.

Kid Rock: Why not


Kid Rock: I figure if bill clinton can be a pimp, i definely can be
a pimp, so.

We just watched number 6 from Avril Lavigne “Complicated”. What did
you think of that do you like that rocker chick?

Kid Rock: She’s a rocker chick?

Brian: Yea she plays the guitar slammin’ around.

Kid Rock: I don’t know if she is actually rockin’.

Brian: You are more like a janis joplin.

Kid Rock: That’s a rock chick. She’s doin’ her thing playing a piano.

Brian: She’s a new com to TRL. You’ve been on TRL 7 times, 3 videos

Kid Rock: I appreciate what she’s doing and hope she has much success.
You will not find me in my ’60s Cadillac with the windows bumpin’ it out
to that though.

Brian: I’m kinda interested to get more insight on some of the other
artists playin’ on trl.

Kid Rock:  Are you sure?

Brian: Kid rock, the always honest. We’ll roll down a couple videos.

Kid Rock:  The views not reflected of mtv and its audience.

Brian: Here is Eminem in “without me” right here


Kid Rock: Oh, all right. It’s my man, can’t say anything bad. He always
makes videos, I like the ends when he is jumpin’ around like bin Laden,
there right there. 100% entertainment. He not scared to take himself you

Brian: Have he ever asked you to be on a video like fred durst.

Kid Rock: One indidual owe had me in the grammys it looked like me but
it wasn’t I think I wasn available. I think it looked funnier with a double

 Let’s gohead and check out korn. Did you see this yet.

Kid Rock: I have seen this video

Brian: It is great.

Kid Rock: It is. This is what Korn’s all about. Myself, like I shy —
you know the deer eaten by alligators and hearts pumpin’ and babies comin’
out. Hell … monkees gettin’ it on …


Kid Rock:  Ha-ha.

Brian: Fornication going on.

Kid Rock: This reminds me being young and I drank too much Robitussen.

Brian: Let’s watch this next one from Kylie Minogue.

Kid Rock: Who?

Brian: Kylie Minogue. You know he her the “Locomotion” song in ’88.

Kid Rock: My mom always said if you don’t have anything nice to say,
you know, don’t say anything at all …

[Crowd simultaneously] Ohhhh.

Kid Rock: I Don’t get it.

Brian: She’s huge all over.

Kid Rock: That reminds me of Germany or Europe a this stuff plays all
day man put on a song, a drummer or somebody who play as guitar. Wh …

Brian: I love the fact you are.

Kid Rock: I hate that video.


Brian: Basically it is gonna be retired on TRL in a few days.

Kid Rock: No, when I say stuff like that I don’t want people to take
me wrong I’m some evil spirit. I’m a person I don’t like it. I don’t hate
her, I hope she has the most success in life but personally, I just don’t
like it. I’m sure she doesn’t like mine

Brian: Always a pleasure havin’ you on trl. Everybody give it up for
kid rock performing tonight at the Garden.. Madison Square Garden with
Lit. Good luck on your tour.

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