Kid Rock Slams Jennifer Hudson & Coldplay

The Mirror reports slammed Jennifer Hudson and at the MusiCares charity event. “Who’s Jennifer Hudson? The fat girl,” Rock asked after the Oscar winner’s performance, perhaps unaware the singer’s mother, brother and nephew had recently been murdered.

As for Coldplay, Rock said it their set was “was absolutely crap” and “the sh**iest fu**ing performance I have seen in a long time.”

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3 thoughts on “Kid Rock Slams Jennifer Hudson & Coldplay

  1. Mr. 5 Star - 5STARHIPHOP.COM says:

    It’s Kid Rock…he was probably wasted

  2. jackmehoff says:

    A little bit of truth isn’t entirely bad. Coldplay DOES suck and Jenifer IS fat, but the comment on her was misplaced….bad judgement from the Kid – probably trying to be funny… us all forget by the end of the day.

  3. 64a86v says:

    “A little bit of truth isn’t entirely bad, Coldplay does suck” Really? Then why did they win 7 Grammys and won best act in the world today? You jackass, Kid Rock is not funny, they should name him Kid Suck, the only thing that rocks about him is how much he sucks.

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