Kid Rock Phones In To Special TRL Friday

was on with MTV’s Carson Daly for their special TRL show following the terrorist attack on the United States on Tuesday. Kid says he was stuck in Los Angeles trying to get back to see his kid in Detroit. Kid sounded pretty upset and said his mother suggested he should do a remake of Only God Knows Why in tribute donating the money to the Red Cross but he seemed hesitant to try and take advantage of the situation.

Full transcript:

Bob are you there.

Kid Rock: Wha’ssup, man.

Carson: How are you feelin’, bro.

Kid Rock: I’m feelin’ all right, you know.

Carson: Tell me about where were you tuesday morning when this whole thing went down.

Kid Rock: I was just, uhm, wakin’ up and my girlfriend came in the room and was like, you know i was half asleep and said something like, hey, baby turn on the T.V. We are at war. I’m like what?! You know like what are you talkin’ about. Clicked on the T.V. And sure enough there it was.

Carson: I’ve never seen you without an american flag being represented somewhere now they are certainly everywhere.

Kid Rock: Right.

Carson: What do you say to kid roc fans out there to sort of get through this?

Kid Rock: I don’t even know what i could say that hasn’t already been said. It’s, uh, I’ve been thinkin’ about it and there is really nothin’ I can say. I think no matter how many records i sold or what I do the way i feel i think it is in– the guy that works in the assemblyline in the car plants or wherever buildin’ houses or the president or the single parent I think we all feel pretty mu t the same about it.

Carson: And how is junior, your father, what is the conversation been like there?

Kid Rock: It’s been good I’m tryin’ to get home, actually to california it is hard to get a flight out. I talked to him about it and explained it to him the best i could, tried not to make it too scary but very real so i think, you know, you try to keep your kids away from the T.V. So they don’t get the images planted in their hea because they have enough to deal with being kids. But at the same time they will catch wind of it but you do your best to explain something did happen and i think every kid is different and every parent should make that chis what is right for their kid.

Carson: Moby talked earlier anand said sort of locked in his apartment downtown about a mile and a half away and was inspired to jump in the studio. How are you feeling musically, is any of this inpiring you lyricly?

Kid Rock: Uhm, i don’t know it’s kind of — i think actually my mom called me and like you should do a version of “only god knows why” and give the proceeds to help the families and I’m like, yeah, sure actually a good idea i kicked around and thought about it a bit doin’ something like that but i haven’t really sat down and, you know, written anything specifically. I’m not much of an opportunist that way.

Carson: Yeah, yeah, yeah. All right, bob. Thank you for callin’ in our best to junior. I’ll talk to you later.

Kid Rock: Okay, cars.

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